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Newest Employee at Computational Chemistry

Hi all,

I'm Gayathri Yuvaraj, I'm Ulf's new PhD Student. 

I'll be working on X-ray crystallography and Quantum Refinement. I did my Bachelor's and Master's in Chemistry. 

I come from India. Apart from my studies, I'm good at cooking and Photography. So, if anyone is craving Indian food you can count on me.  

It was nice meeting you all on my first day. Looking forward to working and having lots of fun with you guys.

Warm Regards,


I am Gianluca Utzeri, a new Post-doc in Marie Skepö's group. 

I am Italian, but I come from Portugal where I did my PhD project based on the development of sustainable polymeric materials for pesticide removal from aqueous media, with a good number of scientific results.

Here I will be working on the WISE project, "Clay as a green fertilizer in agriculture."

This is just the resumed version of my academic career; I don't want to bore anyone.

Besides work, I consider myself an active person. In Portugal, in my spare time, I used to hike, bike, swim and climb.

So if anyone wants to know more or ask something about my work or has useful information about leisure activities, they are welcome to talk or contact me.


Gianluca Utzeri 

Alex-Ovidiu Mircea

Hi! My name is Alex and I have recently joined the wonderful community at Kemicentrum as a PhD student, under the main supervision of Martin Trulsson.

I have lived in Cluj-Napoca, Romania before beginning my third-cycle journey. There, I have studied physics for five years, having the chance to branch out into many subdomains. My research focused mainly on molecular dynamics simulations relevant to gene therapy, particularly on force field parametrization and polyplex formation. Computer simulations have proven to be a favorite personal subject: with careful planning and steps, one can visualize and model a plethora of phenomena across many orders of magnitude.

The next few years will be full of research regarding dense suspension simulations, exploring the rheology of various systems of interest to better understand their behavior under a whole range of conditions.

David Ribar

My name is David, and I am from Slovenia. I am starting my PhD journey at Computational chemistry in the field of statistical thermodynamics, with Jan Forsman as my main supervisor, and Martin Trulsson as my supervisor.

During my previous research, I focused on combining experimental results, mainly from analytical chemistry, with novel theoretical models to try to understand the underlying physical mechanisms responsible for the observed phenomena. For my master's thesis, I studied the retention mechanism in reversed-phase liquid chromatography with integral equation theories (replika Ornstein-Zernike theory and Wertheim’s multi-density theory) as the basis of the theoretical models.

For my PhD research, I will study various ionic systems with classical density functional theory, combined with molecular simulations.


Mickael Delcey

My name is Mickael and I am a new researcher in teokem. I am originally french, but I have been in Sweden since my master project in this very department! I have since done a PhD in Uppsala and a couple of post-docs, and I am now establishing my own group here.

My speciality is the development of high-level quantum chemistry methods, especially multiconfigurational methods, and their application to photochemistry, inorganic chemistry and spectroscopy. The dream in the long term is to contribute a bit to the understanding and development of new materials for solar energy conversion, nitrogen fixation and other developments for a greener world.

Isabel Vinterbladh

Hello, my name is Isabel and I am a new PhD student here at theoretical chemistry, supervised by Mikael Lund.

Originally I am from Malmö, but the last couple of years I have been living in Heidelberg, Germany where I did my master in Scientific Computing. I finished my master thesis in the end of September and after that I went backpacking in Peru to then move back to Sweden.

My project focus will be to implement algorithms for neutron and X-ray scattering and developing molecular simulations to study bio-molecular interactions. I am looking forward to getting started and getting to know all of you.

Henrik Vinther Sørensen 

Hello I am Henrik. I am very happy to be welcomed to Teokem. I am doing my post doc in Marie Skepö's group, focused on phase separation mediated by intrinsically disordered proteins. The project is in collaboration with MAX IV, where I will work two days a week at the CoSAXS beamline. I come from Denmark originally, I studied in Aarhus, but did my PhD in Oslo, Norway, and most recently I did a short post-doc at Malmö University.

Simon Liedtke 

It was a nice first day starting my PhD here at Teokem and it was great to have already been able to meet many of you.

Looking forward to working with and getting to know you all over the next several years.

I will be supervised by Petter Persson and Martin Trulsson, working on reaction diffusion kinetics and dynamics simulations. I'm excited to get started on the research process and thankful to be able to learn from all of you.

I'm from Minnesota (USA) and just graduated in 2021 from King's College London with my MSc in Complex Systems Modelling, where I also completed my master thesis with Forschungszentrum Juelich in computational systems biology. I have been working in financial analytics consulting for the past year, but very much missed the scientific environment and I'm happy to be continuing my studies here at Lund.