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Martin Trulsson, Senior Lecturer

Research interest

Rheology of dense suspensions, electrostatic interactions in suspensions, Poisson-Boltzmann equation, molecular and particle simulations.


Alumni members

  • Tor Sehring, PostDoc, 2020-2022
  • Junhao Dong, PhD student, 2016-2020
  • Janika Hochstrasser, Project worker, 2018
  • Fiona Fondjo, Project worker, 2017
  • Hugo Öhrneman, Bachelor student, 2016
  • Jasenko Gavran, Master student, 2016

Academic background

  • Senior lecturer in Theoretical Chemistry 2020
  • Docent (Reader/Associated Professor) in Theoretical Chemistry 2019
  • Associated senior lecturer in Theoretical Chemistry 2015
  • Researcher at LPTMS, Université Paris-Sud, Paris, France 2013-2015
  • Post-doc at PMMH, ESPCI, Paris, France 2011-2013
  • PhD in Theoretical Chemistry, Lund, Sweden 2011

Selected publications

· Zakieyeh Yousefian and Martin Trulsson
Orientational arrest in dense suspensions of elliptical particles under oscillatory shear flows
Europhysics Letters 136, 36002 (2022)

· Martin Trulsson
Directional shear jamming of frictionless ellipses
Physical Review E 104, 044614(R) (2021)

· Junhao Dong and Martin Trulsson
Analog of discontinuous shear thickening flows under confining press
Physical Review Fluids 2, 081301(R) (2017)

· Mehdi Bouzid, Martin Trulsson, Philippe Claudin, Eric Clément, and Bruno Andreotti
Microrheology to probe non-local effects in dense granular flows
Europhysical Letters 109, 24002 (2015)

· Martin Trulsson, Bruno Andreotti, and Philippe Claudin
Transition from the viscous to the inertial regime in dense suspensions
Physical Review Letters 109, 118305 (2012)

· Martin Trulsson, Jenny Algotsson, Jan Forsman, and Cliff Woodward
Differential Capacitance of Room Temperature Ionic Liquids: the Role Dispersion Forces
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 1, 1191 (2010)

· Martin Trulsson, Bo Jönsson, Torbjörn Åkesson, Jan Forsman, and Christophe Labbez
Repulsion between Oppositely Charged Surfaces in Multivalent Electrolytes
Physical Review Letters 97, 068302 (2006)


  • KEMM48/NAKE009: Statistical Thermodynamics and Molecular Simulation, 7.5 ECTS (Master level, course coordinator)
  • NAKE016: Advanced Statistical Thermodynamics and Molecular Simulation, 7.5 ECTS (PhD level, course coordinator)


+46-46-222 45 01
martin [dot] trulsson [at] compchem [dot] lu [dot] se