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Clay is a material that has been used since ancient times for protecting, building and carrying things. If we learn more about how to change various properties of clays, such as through the addition of certain molecules or salts,...[more]


We are proud to announce the publication of a new review article that showcases the latest features of OpenMolcas, an advanced computational chemistry software developed by researchers in the division of computational chemistry...[more]


The European Spallation Source (ESS) is a European project to build the world’s most powerful neutron source in Lund. The NMX Macromolecular Diffractometer is the only instrument at ESS dedicated to structural biology – an area...[more]


Ultrafast laser spectroscopy uncovers mechanisms of light energy conversion in photosynthesis and sustainable energy materials Donatas Zigmantas, Tomas Polivka, Petter Persson, and Villy Sundström Chem. Phys. Rev. 3, 041303...[more]


Alexei I Abrikosov, Valera Veryazov, "Multiscale Modelling of Atomistic Structure of Calcium Silicate Hydrate" Solid State Phenomena 338, 123-128, 2022.[more]




Marie Skepö has been elected to fellow in the Royal Physiographic Society in Lund on 6 April 2022. The Royal Physiographic Society of Lund, has for a number of years also used the...[more]


Mathematical challenges in computational chemistry: multiscale, multiconfigurational approaches, machine learning (22w2262) Organizers Sergey Gusarov (National Research Council Canada) Alexander Kobryn (National...[more]


Anion–cation contrast of small molecule solvation in salt solutions Stefan Hervø-Hansen, Jan Heyda, Mikael Lund and Nobuyuki Matubayasi  The contributions from anions and cations from salt are inseparable in their...[more]


Thermodynamically Favourable States in the Reaction of Nitrogenase without Dissociation of any Sulfide Ligand. By Hao Jiang and Ulf Ryde. Research Article:[more]


För tio år sedan upptäckte forskare i Lund tecken på att en av fysikens mest fundamentala lagar, Coulombs lag, inte verkade solid i vatten. I experiment såg det ut som att två laddningar av samma tecken attraherade varandra. Men...[more]


Linnea Lindh et al have published a new study of dye-sensitized solar cells with iron-based dyes that includes a combination of novel synthesis, spectroscopic investigations, and computational characterization. The results show...[more]


New article published in Journal of Physical Chemistry B, January 2022: Self-Diffusive Properties of the Intrinsically Disordered Protein Histatin 5 and the Impact of Crowding Thereon: A Combined Neutron Spectroscopy...[more]


The project has been awarded 7 850 000 SEK in funding from the VR Grant for Accessibility to Infrastructure and an additional 1 000 000 SEK from Tillväxtverket. The project is a collaboration between Prof. Ulf...[more]


A particle physicist involved in popular education and who made a number of global discoveries in her research portfolio and an experimental professor who has developed theoretical models in the area straddling chemistry and...[more]


We are happy to inform that Octav Caldararu have been granted a scholarship from Oscar II Stipendium. Octav Caldararu doctoral thesis has been evaluated as the best within its faculty in the University.  [more]


A research project to develop and characterize “Photofunctional Iron Complexes” involving the Theoretical Chemistry Division at Lund University has been awarded 35,000,000 SEK in funding from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg...[more]


A team of researchers from Lund University involving researchers at the Theoretical Chemistry Division have developed and characterized the first photofunctional iron molecule capable of both emitting light that can be seen by...[more]


Petter Persson, Senior Lecturer at the Division of Theoretical Chemistry, gave a "Docentföreläsning", i.e. a public readership lecture, called "Astrochemistry and the molecular evolution of the universe" on November...[more]


Highlighted research presented on the back cover of Soft Matter.[more]

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