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New article published on dye-sensitized solar cells with iron-based dyes, 2021-12-28


Linnea Lindh et al have published a new study of dye-sensitized solar cells with iron-based dyes that includes a combination of novel synthesis, spectroscopic investigations, and computational characterization. The results show that efficient electron injection using a new set of iron-based dyes with so called push-pull functionality is counteracted by substantial recombination on ultrafast timescales. This highlights both opportunities and limitations for further improvement of these solar cells in terms of controlling the interfacial electron dynamics down to ultrafast timescales. The study was published in the latest issue of Chemical Science (28 Dec 2021) and come from a broader collaboration together with in-house co-workers at the Division of Chemical Physics and the Centre for Analysis and Synthesis as well as further national and international collaborators.

L. Lindh et al, Chem. Sci., 2021,12, 16035-16053.